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Welcome to Trannydykes.

This is a community for those of us on the trans woman side of the gender spectrum to share their feelings, thoughts, and experiences with their attractions to and love for other trans-feminine people!

Trannydykes is for lesbian/bi/queer-identified trans women or MTFs attracted to other people falling into the same categories.

Because of the specific nature of this community, we ask that people who do not fall on the trans woman end of the gender spectrum refrain from applying for membership. This includes cisgender (i.e., non-trans) men and women (including partners), trans men, FTM-end-of-the-spectrum genderqueers, and so forth. However, non-members are allowed to leave comments in the entries which are not friends-only locked. Please note that if non-members violate any of the suggested guidelines for community members below or if a community member reports them, they will be banned without warning.
Community members, this means that all unlocked posts are open for comment from non-members (excluding, of course, the banned ones).

If you're coming from another website and had to create a LiveJournal account to join the community, it would be helpful to put a little info about yourself in that journal, or to leave a comment in shemale's journal telling a little about yourself.

New members, please do take a moment to introduce yourself and maybe talk about your thoughts, feelings, experiences, or whatever else about your sexuality you want to mention! This isn't a requirement, just a suggestion :)

While this community isn't going to be too heavy on the rules, we do expect members to be respectful toward each other.

The topics discussed in this community are sometimes sexually explicit, and therefore recommended for consenting adults only.

By joining this community you've agreed not to post things you read outside the community without the person you're quoting giving prior permission.

Any concerns, suggestions, or reports of guideline violations can be voiced here.

On the community name:
We recognize that there are multiple meanings to the "trannydyke" identity; this community is in no way saying that those meanings are incorrect or even that they are not more correct than its usage here. This name was chosen because any other name would have been either too long or even less accurate than the current one.

The community also recognizes that there are many trans people who find the term "tranny" to be profoundly offensive; however, its usage here is all about reclaiming the word and trying to take away its power to hurt, trying to make it, even, an expression of pride and defiance.

I (the maintainer) do apologize to any and all trans folk who found its usage here to be offensive.