valeriekeefe (valeriekeefe) wrote in trannydykes,

Where did all the trans lesbians go?

They're here. They're just in deep, deep, stealth. Hiding as boys. Hiding from themselves. And absolutely, crushingly miserable. I can't think of any more lesbian act than to seek, identify, and validate these womyn as womyn and start saving them from the lie they were told from birth: "What a fine boy you are."

Think I'm full of it? Imagine with all the gate-keeping and taught self-loathing, how hard it was for you to transition... how easy it would have been to get caught up, and try to deny who you were. Lynn Conway estimates for every transitioned womon, there are three or four who aren't.

That's an awful lot of womyn. An awful lot of lesbians.

marjaerwin and I want to help them. And we need your help. We need opinions, hypotheses, advice from those who've been there for a womon as she transitioned. What worked. What didn't. How to let womyn express themselves.

Looking for collaborators on this project, but a sounding board or twelve will also help. Please, comment here, or if you're not comfortable doing so, send either of us a message. Help us write the Trans Dyke Rescue Guide.
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