The Ticking Timebomb (estrobutch) wrote in trannydykes,
The Ticking Timebomb

Want to start new Trans Butch/ Femme community

I want to start a new community for trans butches and femmes. No I don't mean female to femme bullshit or tg butch (unless your also ts).  I mean trans female butches and femmes.

I want it to be a space where butches and femmes who are into butches or femmes or both can flirt and find community without a big dark cloud of trans misogyny looming over us. I'm open to possiblity of it being a space for partners of trans female butches or femmes too. But it needs to stay trans female centered. Please comment if you think this sounds cool or your interested in modding.  Also forward it around to people who would be interested.

ETA: the Community is up and running:

to join send me a message telling me how you id, and who your into and confirm that your trans female. You can tell me other stuff too...

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This sounds cool to me.
I would be interested in joining.
i would join! i'm femme identified, as anyone who has read my zine knows! <3, katie
I id as a tomboi so I would be interested in joining
i like the flirting part. and what the hell, maybe even some good old fashioned S-U-P-P-O-R-T. i like it.
tell me about yourself and I'll send invite. Confirm your trans female, How do you id, butch or femme, who your into (butch, femme plus whoever else). etc.