Sinéad, Miss Sin or Sheena Polaris (prnkstrss) wrote in trannydykes,
Sinéad, Miss Sin or Sheena Polaris


I'm a 34 year old pre-op transwoman of the lesbian variety. I like cis- and trans- women (regardless of op status). I feel like I'm the only single transwoman in this town sometimes...and yet the only women I seem to meet that are single are either straight or lesbian/bisexual women who aren't attracted to transwomen (or just me, *shrug*). I haven't met many transwomen like myself here, and those I have are already in relationships...or we're just not into the same things.

Just wanted to say hi and find a community of like minded individuals as opposed to wanting to use the internet as a personals ad. Those are just the facts of why I tend to be a bit jaded and cynical.

I deejay in clubs around town...mostly of the Deathrock and Goth variety, but I have a love with a lot of different genres of music. My favorite genres just happen to be Punk, Post-Punk, Deathrock, Gothic Rock, old school Industrial, Krautrock, Dub/Reggae/Rocksteady/Ska, New Wave, Darkwave...pretty much what constitutes my subcultural identity.

I like graphic novels, Love and Rockets is my favorite.

I have a bs in physics and a ba in philosophy. I am pretty much a hardcore atheist and upholder of the scientific method and defender of the correct utilization of the word "quantum" from the new age kooks that give it some mystical connotation.

My favorite philosophy is existentialism/phenomenology. My lifelong struggle with my gender identity was integral with trying to understand the nature of human existence.

I have been associated with Soto Zen Buddhism in an academic and practitioner context. And for the ignorant masses, there is no conflict between being a atheist and incorporating Buddhist philosophy.

I am a libertarian socialist in the classic definition, what some people might call anarchism in general or anarcho-syndicalism in particular. I suppose though in all practical terms, I'd rather live within a more European Social Democracy as a compromise, but unfortunately I live in the US and well...need I explain how I have neither the means or ends to emigrate to another country. I like Spain, Barcelona especially. I have a romanticism about the Spanish Civil War.

I work in a library. I read mostly non-fiction, am obsessed with languages and linguistics. I like transgressive literature, even that which has made it into the mainstream (like Hunter S. Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk).

Anyway, hi.
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