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I guess I should introduce myself, though I'm not sure what to say.

My name is Anna, I live in Brooklyn, NY right now, I'm 38 and just getting started transitioning. My life has been pretty crazy, but most of it has been a process of healing all the damage of my childhood. Which is probably why I'm just getting started now. I regret that I didn't find a way of doing this earlier, for so many reasons.
[This post] will probably tell you more than you wanted to know about me :)

I've been on and off hormones, back on right now, totally underground, as I don't have much money or much desire to get forced into the Benjamin protocol right now. I'm working on a way to fix the money situation, and once I do, I suppose I'll eventually find the right doctor and such. Hair removal is a big priority for me, in a way that it might not be for someone who transitions young(though I don't know for sure, just speculating). It's something that doesn't get talked about enough I think. Because of that, I have to wear a lot more makeup than I'd prefer to right now. I'm sort of overcompensating for body issues with clothing and makeup, and I know a lot of cis-women do that too, but I know that ideally, once I get myself sorted physically, I'll be able to be a bit more androgynous and feel comfortable with that.
Sexually, I usually describe myself as "bisexual" to outsiders because it's simple and explains enough to move on from there. Of course that phrase is totally fraught with problems, internal (in that it's broad and vague) and external (because there's an agenda to pretend it doesn't exist among some people). I'd say if I had to give an estimate, that I have a 75-25 preference for the "female" tropes/archetypes, sexually, but I also have strong urges to do things like perform fellatio or be penetrated. (I told a friend once "I like the cock, not so much what it's usually attached to") I don't want to ever have sex with someone who perceives me as "male" or relates to me sexually that way, if that makes sense. I'm vaguely polyamorous, but I prefer to describe it as "non-jealously open to whatever", as I don't subscribe to a standard definition of being polyamorous.
In general you could say that I'm an anarchist, not only politically, but interpersonally as well.
I'm into thinking about all kinds of stuff, economics, history, politics, comparative religion, lolcats.

Below the cut are some pictures of me that I think came out relatively well:

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