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Board and Volunteer Information Meeting(s) in Olympia, WA

Hey everyone here is some information about our group for those that haven't heard of us yet and information about things that are coming up for those that would like to be involved.

The general principle of Project: Transitions is based on the idea of "surgery benefit parties." We plan to hold frequent fundraising events and grant all of the profits (after operating costs) to transgender individuals to help fund such things as surgery, hormones, doctor visits, legal charges, and other things related to transition. As we grow, we plan on having support/social group meetings and other events as best serve the needs of the community.

Monday May 19th
6:30 & 7:30pm
Olympia Timberland Library Meeting Room

At 6:30 we are having a meeting for any and all people interested in joining the Project: Transitions board. All positions are currently open, so if you are even remotely interested, come to this meeting!

Then, at 7:30, we are having a meeting for all volunteers. Our kickoff event is less than a month away and we also plan on having a presence at both Super Saturday and Olympia Pride... there's a lot to do! We'll have small- and large-commitment opportunities to get involved with Project: Transitions.

All are welcome.

We can be reached at and here is our website! Project: Transitions

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